Friday, January 6, 2012

Parental alienation can cause a change in custody.

Some people are not satisfied to get divorced. They want to inflict pain on their ex-spouse. When the couple have children, the children afford an easy method of hurting the other parent. Some parents use the children as weapons for the sole purpose of causing emotional pain to the other parent. They interfere with visitation and attempt to alienate the children from the other parent. Not only is this harmful to the other parent, it is also harmful to the children. In a recent case of Barrington v. Barrington, the Court changed custody from mother to father due to parental alienation.
The focus should be on the best interests of the children. Parents should try to get along for the benefit of the children. Divorce lawyers should guide their clients to avoid this type of harmful behavior.


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  2. I am facing parental alienation. My ex is destroying my son and I. My son is extremely sensible to me. I can't talk, hug, or say anything that my son says he is stressed with me, and he says that I am the one who stresses him. My ex is mad at the court because it's taking long for him to have full custody. I gave an opportunity for my son to live with his father, and his father is mad, and is using my son to say that he is stressed because he wants full custody, and not an experiment. My son is having attempt suicidal, his grades dropped, he can’t control his temper when he is angered, he is over eating and is embarrassed with his body. He is a handsome boy, and I can't do anything to change this situation. My therapist said if I show the evidences to the court they are going to see me as a paranoiac mother. What can be done in MA, and How can parents and children facing “parental alienation” overcome this situation?

  3. My ex sister in law has successfully alienated her children from their father. They had joint legal custody, she repeatedly and purposely violated the visitation agreement continuously and if it was then my brother's responsibility to bring her to court at his cost, for the judge to simply say: "don't do this" with no repercussions of any kind. She continually brought him to court with false accusations which my brother had to prove himself innocent of time and again. A truly vindictive woman who doesn't get along with her own family, she has taken her children away from half of their family who loves and misses them so much. Back when all of this started; parental alienation was a term that I only saw cited in case law in California. It is good to see that the rest of the country is catching up. This is a very real thing and the innocent children are the ones who needlessly suffer; when one of their parents is unjustly attacked it is actually the child's self esteem that in the process.