Saturday, March 3, 2012

Working with a co-parent.

In the Massachusetts Family and Probate Courts, the focus in divorce and related cases, is always on the best interests of the children.  Children are viewed as incompetents who need protection from the State.  In these cases, the State is represented by the Judge.  Parties who come before the courts need to work to improve the lives of the children.  An article by Donna Ferber, a therapist in Connecticut, discusses a common problem:  dealing with an uncooperative co-parent.  She discusses the problem and makes excellent suggestions on how to interact with the other parent for the best interests of the child.  This article is worth reading. 
As a divorce attorney, I measure the success of cases involving children by the actions of the children when they become adults.  If a child is able to lead an independent, productive life with employment and healthy relationships, then the case was a success.  In contrast, if the child has addictions, is unable to work, sabotages relationships, or can't live an independent life, then the case was a failure.  The article by Ms. Ferber will help parents be successful in co-parenting.

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