Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 4 “A”s that cause divorce.

There can be many reasons for couples to get divorced. However, four behaviors stand out as causing divorce: Abuse, Addiction, Adultery, and Abstention.

Physical abuse constitutes the crime of assault and battery. This behavior can be highly destructive. While many people stay in an abusive relationship for a period of time, most people who are victims of abuse separate and get divorced.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol also can be extremely destructive. Addiction can lead to abuse, loss of job, wasting of money, and other harmful conduct.  Frequently, addicts resist attempts to help them fight the addiction.

The concept of marriage incorporates a pledge of exclusive sexual access for the spouses. Adultery represents a violation of this pledge and many people view this as so important that any act of adultery will cause a divorce. Since few people commit adultery in sight of their spouse, the appearance of adultery can be as harmful as adultery itself. If people want to protect their marriage, they should avoid behavior that causes their spouse to think that adultery is occurring

Abstention is the absence of sexual relations. For most couples, sex is important to maintain intimacy and harmony. If they stop having regular sexual relations, it can be as destructive to the relationship as any other behavior. Frequently, abstention will result in one party seeking sex outside the marriage. Couples should have regular sex to make the marriage last.


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