Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship

Because I am a divorce lawyer, I was asked to read and review a book entitled “How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship” by Frank Love. I reviewed the web site,, and agreed to read the book. To my surprise, I found the book gives great advise to people who are terminating a relationship or getting divorced and also to people starting relationships. I recommend this book to everybody who is in a relationship, wants a relationship, or wants to terminate a relationship.

Frank writes in easy to read language about his solution to relationship problems. His solution is communication. I assume that everybody understands that communication can improve relationships, but Frank gives specific advice and examples. He acknowledges that a break-up can occur in any relationship. So his advice is to discuss this possibility early in the relationship. By discussing the potential in advance, if a break-up occurs, the conflict should be reduced.

Frank also suggests that people discuss issues that are important to the parties and their expectations of the relationship. Do the parties expect that their partner will be monogamous? Are there expectations that if not met will mean the end of the relationship?

Frank mentions that he has suffered through his share of break-ups and has learned from the experience. He has learned that a broken relationship doesn't mean failure. It can mean that the parties have changed and are ready to move to the next phase of life. Once the blame disappears, the parties can discuss the break-up calmly and rationally. As he describes it, a break-up is not a rejection, it is a conclusion.

I recommend this book for everybody who is in a relationship or is leaving a relationship. However, I think the people who can benefit the most from this book are people who are just starting a relationship. This book can help people have better relationships and maybe make your current relationship last a lifetime.

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